Malaysian Centre for Regulatory Studies
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UMCoRS explores the regulatory space through a cross-disciplinary approach, bridging academic rigour with practical insights. Underlying UMCoRS strategic focus is the demand for transformation of stakeholders in working towards understanding key regulatory issues and their implications, including developing strategic responses and solutions.
Intellectual Property Law
21 July 2016
Emerging Developments in Supply Chain Management
26 & 27 July 2016
Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Nanotechnology
9 & 10 August 2016

HUMAN GOVERNANCE : The Unexplored Virtues For Enhanced & Sustainable Organisational Performance
17 & 18 August 2016

Training is the key towards capacity building and knowledge enhancement for stakeholders ranging from governments, businesses, non profits and academia.
UMCoRS is committed to applying policies and research into meaningful solutions through proactive partnerships with stakeholders.
UMCoRS synthesizes research from a broad range of disciplines in order to encourage cross fertilization across policy domains and academic disciplines.