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UMCoRS Strategic Focus is to:

Better Regulation, Sustainable Governance
UMCoRS meets the challenges and opportunities in the area of regulation by driving the notion of sustainable governance.

It is hard to think of some of the most pressing socio-economic questions today in areas as diverse as telecommunication, banking, technology, and infrastructure without a wider regulatory lens. This environment envisages a keen interaction amongst the various stakeholders. As a greater density of interactions evolve, consistent forms of governance become entrenched. The regulatory space percolates in a wider governance setting.

Governance issues come to fore when wider network of stakeholders play increasingly important roles in the regulatory space. Governance matters because it envisages public-private interaction. The regulatory dialogue that follows must be based on sustainable governance which evokes notions of accountability, transparency, fairness and coherence. The potential and limits offered by plural sources of governance need to be harnessed with dynamism and imagination. For UMCoRS, sustainable governance is not just a cross-cutting theme. It is seen as the foundational stone for regulatory practice and development.

UMCoRS leads the way for leaders in governments and businesses to tap on the interconnectedness of the shared regulatory space. It promotes development and co-operation between the regulatory actors. To this end, UMCoRS focuses on 4 key streams: