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Economists and Competition Law

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

11.00 am

Dr. R. Ian McEwin
Khazanah Nasional Chair

Bilik Persidangan Pascasiswazah, Level 3,
Economics Faculty, University Malaya

Free Admission (RSVP before 28 May 2015)



Modern competition law around the world is designed and implemented around microeconomics. This is reflected in the Malaysian Competition Act 2010, which says:

“An Act to promote economic development by promoting and protecting the process of competition, thereby protecting the interests of consumers and to provide for matters connected therewith. WHEREAS the process of competition encourages efficiency, innovation and entrepreneurship, which promotes competitive prices, improvement in the quality of products and services and wider choices for consumers: AND WHEREAS in order to achieve these benefits, it is the purpose of this legislation to prohibit anti-competitive conduct:

Both in administration and in court proceedings, competition law relies considerably on economics and economic expert witnesses. In competition law disputes, economic evidence usually determines the outcome - where experts testify about issues like the relevant boundaries of a market or the competitive effect of a business practice. To be effective Malaysian Competition Law will rely on economists. Are Malaysian economists ready? Or will important economic issues be left to lawyers? This seminar will deal with what economists show know to be credible experts in competition law.



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