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Competition Law as Regulation –
What Should Businesspeople, Economists, Judges and Lawyers Know?

12 August 2014 (Tuesday)

3.00pm - 5.00pm

Lecture Hall 3,
Faculty of Economics & Administration,
University of Malaya

Dr. R. Ian McEwin
Khazanah Nasional Chair
Free Admission (RSVP before 6 August 2014)

Economic regulation consists of legislatively and administratively determined rules that are designed to guide and to curb business misconduct. Regulators enforce their regulations by imposing administrative penalties – although administrative decisions are subject to judicial review. In Malaysia and most other countries, regulators enforce rules that impact on almost every aspect of life including: consumer, road and workplace safety, pollution control, the supply of health care, food quality standards and so on that, arguably, have a bigger impact on most people’s lives than the general law.
Competition law is one kind of economic regulation that is administered by a specialised administrative agency, the Malaysian Competition Commission. All countries in ASEAN have agreed to introduce competition law by 2015. Over time, competition regulators develop combined law and economics skills in assessing competitive outcomes by determining relevant markets, assessing market power and assessing the likely impact of competitive and anti-competitive conduct. But what do businesspeople know in order to comply with competition law and what should economists and lawyers know when advising clients? What standards should judges adopt in assessing economic evidence in courts and Tribunals about anti-competitive effects?
Competition law requires more than simply reading the Competition Act and Guidelines. Rather, the benefits of the Competition Act will only flow what businesspeople, economists, lawyers and judges know how to identify anti-competitive practices that result in less economic growth and innovation in Malaysia. This Public Lecture discusses what business-people, economists, lawyers and judges need to know to ensure that competition law (or any kind of regulatory law) achieves its stated goals.

3:00 pm
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Introduction of speaker
Lecture titled “Competition Law as Regulation-
What Should Businesspeople, Economists, Judges and Lawyers Know?” by Dr. R. Ian McEwin,
Khazanah Nasional Chair of University of Malaya Malaysian Centre of Regulatory Studies (UMCoRS)

Q & A Session

5:00 pm


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