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Happy Hour is Over: Time For Colleges and Universities To Work Towards Compliance

Speaker : Professor Abu Bakar Munir
Advisor to the Government on Data Protection (2007-2010)
Date : 3 July 2012 (Tuesday)
Venue :

Dewan Kuliah B (di Bangunan Moot baru)
Faculti Undang-undang
Universiti Malaya
50603 Kuala Lumpur

Fee : Free Admission
Colleges and universities process an enormous and growing volume and variety of personal data about students, employees, applicants, alumni, research subjects, parents, patients, online visitors, conference attendees and others. Given this fact – along with their wide range of activities and their reliance on technologies that collect data - these institutions face signi¬cant security and data protection challenges. Higher education institutions often implement new technologies and systems while paying little attention to data protection implications. The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2010 imposes some new duties and obligations on colleges and universities when processing personal data. Data management has become an essential component in any organization effort to manage personal data responsibly. In higher education, that effort is uniquely challenging. The key word is accountability. Now is not the time for the colleges and universities to wait for the PDPA to be implemented. A wait-and-see attitude is not a wise thing to do as the consequences of a breach – or lack of accountability – can be immediate, visible and costly.

Workshop Outline

9.15 am
Registration of participants
9.45 am
Welcoming remarks
by Professor Dr. Hamzah Hj Abdul Rahman
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation)
10.00 am
Lecture entitled
“Happy Hour Is Over: Time for Colleges and Universities to Work Towards Compliance”
By Professor Abu Bakar Munir
University of Malaya
Adviser to the Government of Malaysia on Data Protection (2007-2010)

Q & A Session

11.15 am
Light refreshment

Facilitator's Profile
Professor Abu Bakar Munir
Faculty of Law, University of Malaya
Advisor to the Government on Data Protection (2007-2010)

Professor Abu Bakar Munir is an internationally renowned scholar, expert and consultant on ICT Law and data protection law. He is Professor of Law and former Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya. He is also a Visiting Professor at several universities in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and Europe. He is the author of several books and his most recent work; Personal Data Protection in Malaysia: Law and Practice published in October 2010 is a must-read book that provides guidance to comply with the PDPA 2010. He has widely published articles on several aspects of ICT law and data protection law. He speaks extensively at conferences within Malaysia and around the world including those organized by universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and MIT. He has been the Data Protection Consultant to Chartis Insurance Malaysia (formerly known as AIG Insurance) and is currently advising Telekom Malaysia, PNB, PETRONAS and POS Malaysia on compliance of the PDPA. He is also the consultant to Al-Elm Company of Saudi Arabia. He is working on another book on Data Protection Law in Asia Pacific.

As the Adviser to the Government of Malaysia on data protection he was instrumental in the development as well as the passing of the Act. He was an Adviser to the Governments of Indonesia and Dubai and was responsible for drafting the personal data protection laws and other IT legislation for the Republic and Emirate. A recipient of the Malaysia Cyber Security Awards (Minister’s Award) 2010 and the Malaysia Cyber Security, (Information Security Visionary of the Year) Award 2010; his other areas of specialization include Air and Space Law, Nanotechnology Law and Renewable Energy Law and Policy.