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Strategies for Sustainable Regulation
- Competing Forces, Depleting Resources

25th and 26th May 2009

Best Western Premier Seri Pacific, Kuala Lumpur

The Energy Resources Institute, India (TERI) and leading experts

This two day workshop is designed to equip participants with the tools to respond to increasing competition in the light of resource constraints. As regulatory goals come under scrutiny with changing economic circumstances, what becomes crucial is the need to strengthen and deepen the developmental implications of regulatory strategies. Underlying this change is the vital importance of understanding key sustainable development concepts.

The goal of this workshop is to develop concrete and meaningful solutions that will make sustainable development practices in regulation the norm rather than a special consideration. Integrating key concepts will be the key towards transforming how businesses operate.

Towards a Strategic Mindset
Policy makers and businesses need more dialogue to address the issues, challenges and opportunities that can be derived from regulation. Indeed, if regulation is seen as an opportunity, more win-win strategies can be crafted.

Regulatory issues are often layered with complexity. For example, tariff revisions can impact profits and emission targets can impact production roll out. Companies need to have a robust regulatory diagnosis if they are to stay competitive.

The problem lies in the conflicting nature of regulation. For the policy maker, regulation is the tool to address social issues and consumer interests. For business, regulation is often seen as mere compliance. The key is to move beyond the compliance mindset to a strategic mindset.

Win-win strategies are aware of the trade-offs and work around short term and long term interests. Sustainable regulation is based on the notion that regulation needs to be balanced, transparent and critical. Navigating the regulatory landscape allows for a shift from reactive thinking to proactive engagement. A distinct competitive advantage emerges when the design and implementation of corporate strategy is cognizant of this underlying connection. Some of the issues to be explored at the workshop include:

  • The analytical tools to analyze the implications of working in an interdependent environment
  • Trade offs among different objectives
  • The institutions and processes shaping stakeholder engagement today
  • Current and long term diagnosis of the regulatory landscape
  • Economic, social and strategic impact of different regulatory outcomes

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