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Study Tour: Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic to Malaysia
Preliminary date of study tour: July 21-28, 2013

  1. Ms. Lavrova O.V. , Minister of finance of the Kyrgyz Republic
  2. Mr, Kojoshev Arzybek, Deputy Minister
  3. Ms. Amanalieva B. A. , Advisor of the Minister on public procurement and HRM issues, she is responsible for development of public procurement policy and HRM policy in the MoF
  4. Mr. Tynaliev N., Assistant of the Minister of Finance
  5. Ms. Duishembieva Nazgul, Head of the Department on IT and modernization
  6. Mr. Kydyraliev Zootbek, Head of the Department on intergovernmental budget relations
  7. Mr. Murzaev , Head of the Public Investment and technical assistance Department. He is responsible for PIP development budget planning and execution processes. He is also responsible for financial monitoring of PIP projects and technical assistance financed by donor community
  8. Mr. Usubaliev.M. Head of budget revenue planning unit. He directly involved into the budget planning processes and forecasting of revenue for MTBF.
  9. E. Kerimalieva, Manager of CB PFM, organizer and coordinator of the study tour
  10. Mavlianova Clarisa