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The New Malaysian Competition Law and its European Roots
5 April 2011


Dewan Kuliah 3, Faculty of Economics and Administration University of Malaya

Julian Nowag

Abstract: The presentation examines the new Malaysian Competition Law in the light of its roots in European competition law. The presentation focuses on two main areas. The first part outlines the theoretical underpinnings of the Competition Law and discusses its practical advantages. It also sheds light on some special features that are inherent in the EU model of competition law as deriving from a Treaty at supranational level. The second part of the presentation highlights various aspects in the development of prohibition of anticompetitive agreements and the abuse of which are linked with the EU model of competition Law and should therefore not be systematically transferred to other regimes without careful evaluation. As a wrap up, best practices lending themselves to universal application will be identified.


3.00 pm
Registration of participants
3.15 pm : Lecture entitled “The New Malaysian Competition Law and its European Roots” by Julian Nowag

Q & A Session
4.30 pm : End of Session


Julian Nowag, LL.M. European Legal Studies (Dunelm), MSt in Law (Oxon), Ref. iur., Dipl. iur. is currently a doctoral candidate at the Law Faculty of the University of Oxford, St Anne's College. He has been teaching European competition Law and is currently Graduate Teaching Assistant in European Law at the Law Faculty. His main areas of research are EU competition and internal market law. He has published in the area of European competition law, European constitutional and public law. Julian has worked on projects for the European Commission, the European Parliament and advised the Colombian Competition Authority.

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