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Workshop on 'The Role of Corporate Governance in Creating Effective Boards'
11 April 2013


Lanai Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia


The Global Financial Crisis was the result of failures of corporate governance on a scale that was hard to imagine. It reminds us that we cannot take good governance for granted and that to have good governance we need good regulation, professional boards, educated investors with realistic expectations of company performance and ethical intermediaries.
This one-day workshop is designed to introduce participants to the critical issues in translating corporate governance regulation into good business results. It focuses in particular on the role of the board as effective stewards of long-term, sustainable business performance.
By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand the distinctive, leading edge Malaysian approach to corporate governance in the newly released “Corporate Governance Blueprint 2011”;
  • Explain why companies need corporate governance taking into consideration both the Principal-Agent conflict and the need for balance between compliance and performance;
  • Define the duties of a director;
  • Identify the eight sources of risk that directors must consider;
  • Identify ‘Red Flags’;
  • Explain what it takes to create an effective board.

The programme is targeted at policy makers, company secretaries, and directors of companies, regulators and academics interested in the role of corporate governance
in creating effective boards.


Session 1
Anatomy of Corporate Governance
Session 2
Malaysia’s distinctive approach to corporate governance
Coffee break
Session 3
Getting it Right: Directors’ duties Lunch
Session 4
Getting it Right: Risk and ‘Red Flags’
Session 5
Creating an effective board: the importance of culture,
structure and process

Wrap Up


John Zinkin
Managing Director, Corporate Governance, Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre

Before joining ICLIF, John was the CEO of the Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC). John was also Chairman of the UMSC Audit Committee until the end of 2009. Before joining SIDC John was Associate Professor of Marketing and Strategy at Nottingham University Business School, Malaysia Campus and director of the MBA programme with responsibility for external affairs. One of the founders of the Institute of Corporate Responsibility Malaysia (ICRM), he was Deputy Chairman, and is now an Exco member and the Vice President, Sustainability and Governance of the Business Council for Sustainable Development Malaysia (BCSDM).
He developed the Non-Executive Director Development Series with PwC and is a faculty member for the programme. He was a member of the Corporate Governance Working Group involved in the revisions of the Malaysian Code and the development of the Corporate Governance Blueprint 2011.
He has written “What CEOs must do to succeed” published by Prentice Hall in 2003, and “Challenges in Corporate Governance: Whose business is it Anyway?” published in 2010 by John Wiley. He co-authored “Corporate Governance” with Peter Wallace, published by John Wiley in 2005 and translated into Chinese in 2008. He used to write a regular column on corporate governance for the Star, entitled “Whose business is it anyway?” and speaks regularly on corporate governance and corporate responsibility.
He has 40 years of experience in business of which 26 have been in Asia. In Hong Kong, John worked as the Chairman of the Marketing and Change Management Practices of Burson-Marsteller, as the Asia Director for Angliss Pacific, and as the Director, Business Machines, for Inchcape Pacific. Before moving to Hong Kong, John worked in London for the Inchcape Group, Rank Xerox, McKinsey and Unilever.
John has a BA (Hons) in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford and an MSc in Business Administration from the London Business School.


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