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Workshop on Digital Convergence and the Regulatory Space
Regulating the Communications and Multimedia Industry
April 27, 2009

Organized by
University of Malaya Malaysian Centre of Regulatory Studies (UMCoRS)
In Collaboration with
Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Academy
This event is by invitation only

Digital Convergence between computers and consumer electronics with Internet connectivity is escalating, creating challenges and opportunities for Malaysian consumers, content providers and industries. The convergence of different information-society technologies, such as cable television and radio, fixed-line and mobile telephony and the internet as a result of technological progress that made high-bandwidth connections available to most citizens in the developed world using different mobile and fixed connection methods, has revolutionized how firms do business and has changed the way media is made, distributed and experienced. The new markets that have emerged on the Internet are different from the traditional, physical markets. As a result, a number of issues have arisen relating to the impact of these e-commerce technologies on the market structure, the significance standards, the business value and regulation. Issues such as net neutrality, intellectual property, communications and media regulation, and antitrust now overlap and interrelate in challenging new ways for business and policy makers.

Malaysia’s economy need to reap the benefits of ever-more interlinked and interoperable online technologies, but many obstacles remain to be overcome. In a rapidly-changing area characterised by multiple uncertainties, it is particularly important that any regulatory interventions and operating context are evidence-based, properly targeted, and in full conformity with the principle of consumer protection and human rights.

The University of Malaya Malaysian Centre of Regulatory Studies (UMCoRS) is organizing the Workshop on “Digital Convergence and the Regulatory Space” in collaborating with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Academy on Monday, April 27, 2009. The workshop will address the legal, technical and economic issues from business, government and consumer perspectives. The workshop takes a holistic approach to this issue and focuses on the complementary themes:

  • Technology. What are the different digital standards, new content distribution and delivery mediums? Is media convergence really at hand?
  • Business. What are the current trends and emerging business models? Is the industry capable of self regulation?
  • Policy. What are the regulatory and legal issues confronting Digital Convergence?

The workshop aims to initiate a process of mutual information and critical reflection on current research, regulation and government policy on converging technologies, as well as the aims and social responses to it. The need for such a workshop derives not only from the development of regulatory policy in Malaysia, but also from cultural, historical and global differences and their impact on policy.

A detailed needs analysis Report will be produced after the workshop to unpack gaps in capacity building and how existing Malaysian initiatives and institutions could be reinforced to meet the demands of convergence.


08:30 - 09:00
09:00 - 09:10
Welcome from the Center
Dr. Jayanthi Naidu, Director
09:10 - 09:40
Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Opening Remarks
(government policy)
Chairman of SKMM
09:40 - 10:15
Digital Convergence
i) Definition
ii) State of Play in Malaysia
iii) Business Trend and emerging models with case studies
Zaid Hamzah, Senior Vice President, Group Legal and Regulatory, Telekom Malaysia
10:15 - 10:30
Coffee Break
10:45 - 10:55
Questions and Answers
10:55 - 11:20
Malaysia’s law and Regulation
i) Licensing
ii) Mergers and Competition
Senior Director, SKMM
11:20 - 11:30
Questions and Answers
11:30 - 11:55
Strategic Issues
Director, SKMM
11:55 - 12:00
Questions and Answers
12:00 - 12:25
Economic Issues and Taxation
Director, SKMM
12:25 - 12:35
Questions and Answers
12:35 - 12:55
Technical Issues & ISP Perspective
Director, SKMM
12:55 - 13:00
Questions and Answers
13:00 - 14:30
14:30 - 15:10
EU Regulatory Approach
i) Audio-visual directive
ii ) Online content & Cybercrime
iii) Privacy
iv) IPR
v) ISP liability
vi) Privacy versus state security
Prof.(Dr.) Sylvia Kierkegaard
Regulatory Expert for the Council of Europe; Legal Expert for the EU; President, International Association of IT Lawyers
15:10 - 15:20
Questions and Answers
15:20 - 15:40
Industry Perspective on Regulatory Issues
Noriswadi Ismail, Senior Vice President,
Hei Tech Padu Malaysia Bhd
15:40 - 16:00
Consumer Perspective
Consumer Tribunal
16:00 - 16:20
Data Protection
16:20 - 17:20
Panel Session: Pathways to the Future: Regulation or self-regulation of the industry?
Moderator: Prof. Sylvia Kierkegaard
Datuk Dr. Halim Shafie (Chairman of MCMC),
Johan Dennelind, CEO of Digi Telecommunications Malaysia,
Julian Ding (Consultant, FirstPrinciples)
Rohana Rozhan, CEO of Astro All Asia Networks
17:20 - 17:30
Closing Remarks and Souvenirs

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