Executive Development Program
    Flagship Program
The EDP program at UMCoRS program brings to you cutting edge knowledge and techniques that will help you to cope successfully with current challenges in your division, department or area of responsibility. Topics range from regulatory economics, innovativeness, implications of convergence technology, corporate responsibility and beyond.

The program is designed to meet the special training needs of mid- and senior-level professionals, as well as executives who are advanced in their career development and have acquired management experience. Our training is also suitable for highly qualified young professionals who aim to make significant strides in their personal capabilities. All seminars welcome participants from the public sector, industry, academia and non profit.

What our EDP program brings to you is leading thought processes to build your expertise, gain new skills, enhance technical capabilities and expand your network. Participants join us from all sectors, allowing for the exchange of experiences and perspectives. We offer training of the highest quality, bridging academic rigour with practical insights. Our conveners comprise academic lecturers and leading industry experts who are highly regarded in their fields and back their training with extensive international teaching and practical experience.

Our Executive Development Programs will help you to...

  • Expand your specialized knowledge
    The key aim of all our training is to enhance regulatory capability. All workshops feature progressive approaches to technical and complex content. Contents are carefully selected and lecturers are well prepared to apply interactive and practical methodology like case studies, role plays, and group work. You will be able to equipped with strategic skills and operational expertise to implement your improved knowledge effectively.
  • Keep your expertise up-to-date
    Our EDP programs are tailored to the needs of experienced professionals who wish to update their knowledge in the fast paced refresh their knowledge in order to tackle ambitious challenges in the group, division, or department that is your area of responsibility.
  • Become a multiplier for your company or institution
    Become an area specialist - the knowledge and competencies gained during the EDP can be migrated to your company or institution with you functioning as the in-house multiplier.
  • Network and exchange experience
    The cross-sectoral composition of our participants encourages networking and interaction, as you exchange experiences with fellow participants from other companies or institutions.

Apart from the EDP, UMCoRS also offers an annual summer school:

  • UMCoRS Summer School
    The 5-day UMCoRS Summer School is an annual event which carries our flagship programs in Regulatory Economics. With practical analysis and implementation toolkits as the main focus, the summer school offers a mixed approach through lectures, case studies and working groups.

Customized Executive Development

  • In addition to the EDP series, we are pleased to offer in house training that may be more specific to your organization or company which is for the exclusive benefit of your employees or target group.
  • In house training is available for all ranges of executives, including mid-, senior and top level. The duration will vary according to your needs, typically lasting between 1 day to 30 days.
  • In house training programme may involve pre-learning, 360 degree feedback, lectures, facilitation, industry benchmarking, simulation and case studies.

Our Services

  • Our service package includes all programme components of the EDP, including lectures, group work, discussions, and panels. Further, you will be provided with case studies, written material, and additional documents before, during and after the program.
  • Travel costs and accommodation in Kuala Lumpur are not included in the fees. We are, however, happy to provide you with information about reasonable hotels near the school.

Seminar fees
The seminar fees for our EDP programs can be found on the respective site in our seminar programme. Discounts for privately registered participants, NGOs, and institutions regularly sending participants are available. Please contact us for further details. umcors@um.edu.my