UMCoRS Capacity Building Initiative
  Regulatory Capacity Building Engagement (RCBE)
    Academic Program
The big challenge in training is to tap on the possibilities of the interconnectedness of the regulatory space. Good training has impact on learning, empowers stakeholders to have ownership of decisions and processes, streamlines strategy and implementation as well as encourages creativity. This apart, it must develop effective collaborative partnership among stakeholders.

UMCoRS has developed a Regulatory Capacity Building Engagement (RCBE) model based on a diagnosis of the relationship among stakeholders. The RCBE informs the design and delivery of UMCoRS’ programmes. RCBE is based on the notion that regulatory dialogue sits at the heart of any training initiative and empowers stakeholders.
Figure 1 shows how the various regulatory stakeholders are connected. The global and regional presence in the regulatory environment must be harnessed. Further, it is no longer possible to think of companies as merely regulated entities. Companies are robustly initiating regulatory agendas. At the same time, government agencies are required more in ‘steering’ roles rather than ‘rowing’. The community at large bears the impact of the regulatory decisions and provides the necessary evaluation of the process.

Figure 1: Stakeholder Relationship Diagnosis

Training Map
RCBE provides a coherent training programme which introduces dialogue.